Seasonal High Speed Internet Requirements

Seasonal High Speed Internet Service is defined as High Speed Internet service that is temporarily placed on vacation rate (in-active) by request, one or more times per year.

  • Customer must have High Speed Internet service active (not on vacation rate) for at least 3 months within any consecutive 12 month period. The customer will be charged the Provider's current Seasonal High Speed Internet penalty rate* per day, for all days less than the minimum 3 months of active service.
  • Customer agrees to pay the Provider's current High Speed Internet service vacation rate* during periods of in-active service (vacation rate).
  • Customer must place the associated telephone service** on vacation rate concurrent with DSL service.

*Provider is required to provide 30 day written notice to the Customer prior to raising these rates. Provider will not notify the customer when lowering these rates; they will be reflected on the Customer's bill.

**Associated telephone service is plain old telephone service (POTS) on the shared cable plant facilities with HSI service.