This service allows the subscriber to put a call on hold and then dial another number. The subscriber can then switch back to the first call (putting the new call on hold), and subsequently switch between the two callers.

To put the current call on hold so that you can dial a second number, press the flash button, dial *52 , and dial the second number. You can then Press the flash button again to switch back to the first call (putting the second call on hold), and again to switch between the two numbers.

• If you attempt to dial a second number but the number you dial is not valid, you hear an error announcement, and you are then connected back to the original call.

• If the caller you are talking to goes on hook and you have another caller on hold, there is a period of silence (for disconnect timing) and you are then connected back to the on-hold call. You can press the flash button during the silence to be connected to the on-hold call immediately without waiting for disconnect timing.

• If you go on hook while you have a call on hold, your phone rings again, and you are connected to the held call when you pick up.