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*NOTE about “Flash” or “Flash Hook”
In this document reference will be made to perform a function called “Flash”. This is a 250ms break in the established connection that lets the Voice Switch know that you want to perform a special function of the feature you want to use. On most feature phones there is a button labeled “Flash” or “Link”. On phones that don’t have a button you can depress the cradle button where the handset normally sits in an idle condition for ¼ of a second. This will not disconnect the active call if done correctly.

CTCI Telephone Features for Residential and Business
Residential   Business  
Account Code Forced $3.00/mo $3.00/mo
Anonymous Call Rejection $2.00/mo $2.00/mo
Call Forwarding Busy $1.00/mo $1.00/mo
Call Forward No Answer $1.00/mo $3.00/mo
Call Forward Unconditional $1.00/mo $3.00/mo
Caller ID - Number Only $5.00/mo $7.00/mo
Caller ID - Per Call Blocking N/A N/A
Caller ID - Per Line Blocking $1.00/mo $1.50/mo
Caller ID - Per Call Unblocking N/A N/A
Call Waiting $2.00/mo $3.50/mo
Call Waiting with Caller ID $3.00/mo $4.00/mo
Cancel Call Waiting N/A N/A
Customer Originated Trace N/A N/A
Priority Call - Distinctive Alert-Call Waiting Access $1.00/mo $1.00/mo
Distinctive Ringing - Teen Service/SIRA 1st Number
Add'l #'s
1st Number
Add'l #'s
Do Not Disturb $3.50/mo $3.50/mo
Home Intercom N/A N/A
Hot Line $3.00/mo $3.00/mo
Remote Access to Call Forward $2.00/mo $2.00/mo
Remote Call Forward (RCF) $12.00/mo $16.00/mo
Selective Call Acceptance $3.00/mo $3.00/mo
Selective Call Forwarding $3.00/mo $3.00/mo
Selective Call Rejection $3.00/mo $3.00/mo
Speed Calling - 8 Numbers $1.50/mo $1.50/mo
Speed Calling - 30 Numbers $2.00/mo $2.00/mo
Three-Way-Calling $1.50/mo $1.50/mo
Toll Control with PIN $3.00/mo $3.00/mo
Voice Mail - Basic $2.00/mo $3.00/mo
Wake-Up Service - Reminder Call $2.00/mo $2.00/mo
Warm Line $2.00/mo $2.00/mo

CTCI Telephone Features for Centrex Business Groups
Contact Custer Telephone for Rates
Business Group Dialing Plan & Extension Dialing
Business Group Outward Dialing and Assume 9
Call Hold
Basic Call Park
Call Transfer
Intra Business Group Calling Line ID and Distinctive Ringing
Call Pick-Up
Directed Pick-Up
Semi-Restricted Line
Fully-Restricted Line
Voice Mail for Pilot Number of a Hunt Group
Polycom VVX 400 IP Phone Quick Start Guide
Polycom VVX 400 IP Phone Full User Guide
Easy Attendant Instructions
Premium Attendant Instructions

CTCI Telephone Advanced Features
Residential   Business  
Conferencing Service $18.00/call
$20.00 /mo
CommPortal / Voice Mail - Premium $5.00/mo $6.00/mo
Mass Announcement Service $5.00/mo $10.00/mo