Priority Call – Distinctive Alert-Call Waiting Access allows a Subscriber to receive a Distinctive Ringing signal or Call Waiting tone from a line so equipped from parties on a pre-programmed list. If the called line is idle, a Distinctive Ringing signal will be heard. If the called line is busy, the called line receives a double Call Waiting tone (You must have Call Waiting on your line for this to work).

In order to program this feature pick up the hand set on your phone and dial *81.

You will then hear a menu, the options are as follows.

To turn the service on or off dial 3.
Dial # to add a new entry (number) to the service.
Dial * to remove a entry (number) from the service.
Dial 1 to hear the entry’s (numbers) that are on your list.
Dial 0 to hear these options again.