Voice Mail – Premium

In addition to our Basic Voice Mail, Premium Voice Mail provides access to CommPortal, our web-based interface to manage your voice mail.

CommPortal is a web-based user interface offering online access to voicemail, call lists, contact information, as well as self-care of subscriber settings. With CommPortal subscribers can check voicemail, forward voicemails to an e-mail address, or save messages to a .wav file. Subscribers can import or build a contacts lists to quickly dial phone numbers right from their web browser. CommPortal allows subscribers to manage features such as call forwarding right from their PC. CommPortal displays a summary of subscriber account settings and recent activity, customized to the set of services available to the subscriber. BASIC VOICE MAIL is required.

How to log on to CommPortal

To use the different features that CommPortal offers, a series of videos were developed by MetaSwitch who is the developer of this application. Use the Hyperlinks below for a short video on how to use the different features of CommPortal.
CommPortal instruction videos

CommPortal Incoming CALL MANAGER is a powerful tool to manage your incoming calls.

Call Manager is an advanced call handling service, enabling subscribers to configure powerful rules that screen incoming calls and apply actions such as forwarding or rejection. Using CM, subscribers can recognize particular callers and treat their calls specially, and apply different behavior at different times of day. As CM is such a powerful tool, most configuration options must be set using CommPortal.

This Video explains its features.