Custer Tel office with cell tower

Cooperative Principles

A cooperative (co-op) is owned and operated for the benefit of its members.  We care about you and our community.  You aren’t just another number, you are our friends and neighbors. We support the communities we serve and put our time and money right back in to the local economy. 

Custer Telephone Cooperative is a member owned cooperative and when you sign up for service, you are automatically a member and  entitled to receive all the benefits of a member/owner.  The primary benefit is the allocation of capital credits.  Each year our Board of Directors assesses our financial condition and when revenues exceed expenses, we allocate the excess income back to members based on the amount they have spent with us during the year.  That amount is called a capital credit and is kept under your name until our financial condition allows us to give that back to you in the form of a refund check. These checks may continue for years, so it is important to keep your mailing address with us current.

Custer Telephone Broadband Services, LLC customers are not eligible for membership, but rest assured you are highly valued and our “cooperative principles” provide the framework for our operations in your community.



Investing in our community means investing in our youth.  Each year, CusterTel offers four scholarships to graduating seniors of Challis and Salmon High Schools and four scholarships to returning college students from these high schools. 

Giving Back

CusterTel proudly sponsors many local organizations and events through direct giving or through the service of our employees on boards.

Unclaimed Property

We are searching for the following former members who have unclaimed patronage capital credits due to an insufficient address.  Please call our office to update your contact information.