Idaho Relay Services

What is ldaho Relay?

Idaho Relay is a public service which guarantees all citizens access to prompt, professional and accurate communication through the telephone. Consumers of these specialized services, specifically individuals who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing or have difficulty speaking, can communicate on the telephone via TTY, Voice Carry Over (VCO), Hearing Carry Over (HCO), Speech-to-Speech (STS), Spanish-to-Spanish and Captioned Telephone in order to connect with family, friends or businesses with ease.

Dial 711 or the appropriate toll-free number provided to connect with ldaho Relay. A qualified Communication Assistant (CA) will ask for the area code and number of the person you wish to call and will begin relaying the conversation. Generally, the CA will voice the typed message from the text telephone (TTY) user to the person on the other end. The CA then relays the spoken words by typing them back to the TTY user.

Idaho Relay offers specialized services for individuals who have difficulty speaking and Spanish speaking residents. Specially trained CAs are on hand to assist in these type of calls. Since Idaho Relay offers a variety of services please refer to the website listed or call Idaho Relay Customer Care for more details.

Captioned Telephone is ideal for individuals with hearing loss who are able to speak for themselves. A captioned telephone works like any other telephone with an essential difference: it allows users to listen to their phone conversations while reading word-for-word captions of what’s said to them.

Both 711 and the 800 numbers are toll-free calls and provide access to the same relay services. If you are experiencing trouble dialing 711 to reach Idaho Relay, please call Idaho Relay Customer Care.

All services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Consumers may place relay calls to English and Spanish speaking persons within Idaho, across the United States and even internationally. By law, each conversation is handled with strict confidentiality. There is no charge to access Idaho Relay.

In the event of an emergency, call 911 or your local emergency service TTY number directly, without using relay.

To place a call using Idaho Relay, dial 711
or dial one of the toll-free numbers below:
TTY: 800-377-3529
Voice: 800-377-1363
Spanish: 866-252-0684
Speech-to-Speech: 888-791 -3004
Visually Assisted STS: 800-855-9400

Customer Care Information:
800-368-6185 V/TTY
P.O. Box 285
Aurora, NE68818

Captioned Telephone
Customer Service: 888-269-7477
To call a Captioned Telephone user, dial: 711 or 877-243-2823

Special points of interest:
Emergency calls:
Please note that 711 is only to be used to reach Idaho Relay. In an Emergency you should continue to use 911. For emergencies, call 911 or your local emergency service TTY number directly.