Internet Plans For Ellis

Residential Internet Plans For Ellis

We constantly invest in upgrading and expanding our network to meet the growing bandwidth demands of our customers.  While we  are expanding our fiber network,  we also provide internet through DSL in our more remote service areas. Internet speeds and prices vary depending on the delivery method.

With CusterTel, you get...

Modem & WiFi
at no cost

No data caps

Friendly local service

with 24/7 Tech Support

No speed throttling

Options and Pricing

If you are unsure of which technology is available in your area, please complete Step 1 below and we will contact you with information about the best service we have available in your area.

If you know exactly what you want, please complete Step 2 below.

If you need financial assistance to pay telephone or internet service check Affordability Assistance Programs.

Get connected in 3 steps

Follow these simple steps to get your CusterTel account and have the best connection.

Step 1

Fill the form to
Check Your Coverage

We need your Name, contact information and address to be able to communicate with you and tell you which are the best connection options in your area.

Check Coverage

Now you can choose between the plans (All prices are at the top of this page) that we offer you and complete a new form with all the required data.

Step 2

Choose your plan & Apply for Service

Step 3

You are Connected
Relax & Enjoy

We already have all your information and selected plan. Now you just have to relax, leave everything in our hands and soon you will be connected.


 Our team of experts is ready to assist you with this process. Contact us here or stop into one of our offices for further assistance.

No. We have Internet Only plans.

With CusterTel, we will never limit your data usage or throttle your speeds. 

The internet speed best suited for your needs depends on the number of devices and users on your network.  Our friendly staff will be glad to assist you and don’t worry, if you need more speed you can upgrade for free at any time.

It is not necessary to purchase additional equipment, we provide everything you need to get started.

After your service order has been placed, our techs will schedule a time to install your service.
If your service location has had previous CusterTel service, you may be able to pick up your equipment at a time convenient for you and install it on your own.

Wifi Unleashed

Our revolutionary fiber internet service provides s fast, reliable & safe internet signal that covers your whole home, even outside.

Additional Details

Here is some additional information you need to know about our internet service. View additional policies here.

A modem with WiFi technology will be provided with our high speed internet plans.  We also sell wireless routers, cabled routers, access points and networking services to meet all of your networking needs. Equipment may vary depending on physical location of service.

Our internet plans include up to 5 free email accounts.

Part time resident?  No problem.  Our Seasonal Service requires an active service on a month to month plan and you get 75% discount of the plan rate per month while on vacation.

High Speed Internet Plans may be upgraded in price at any time with no charge on the same agreement. High Speed Internet Plans may be downgraded on the same agreement with a $50 network reconfiguration fee.

A Network Reconfiguration Charge of $50 will be charged for physical address changes and speed downgrades of HSI plans.

Speeds listed are not guaranteed and actual speeds may vary due to line condition and/or Internet traffic. Not all plans are available in all areas. Inquire for details.