Remote Access to Call Forward

Remote Access to Call Forward allows the subscriber to forward their home phone from any other phone. The subscriber simply calls a set number set up in the Central Office. Enters their number, a pin code, and then programs the call forwarding feature.

To use the RACF service:

• Call the RACF directory number. (208-879-9800 Challis, 208-742-1994 Salmon)

• Enter your own directory number and PIN when prompted.

• Then activate Call Forwarding by dial *72. You will hear a double beep and then dial tone. When dial tone returns enter the number that you want your line forwarded to just as you would if you were dialing the number to call. There will be a moment of silence and then if the number is good you will hear another double beep.

• To deactivate Call Forwarding, follow the first two steps above, then dial *73 and you will hear a double beep. The service is now off.

• Enter the Call Forwarding access code you require (for example, to access Unconditional Call Forwarding, enter *72 . To cancel Unconditional Call Forwarding, enter *73).