Wake-Up Service – Reminder Call

Wake up Service — Reminder Call — This service can be set up as a onetime event or as a regular daily, weekly event. Reminder calls allow individual reminders to be made once a day for a set time, up to twenty-four (24) hours after the reminder was configured. Regular reminders are made at a set time on a number of days, depending on the particular options selected.

To enable a reminder call through the handset
• Dial the appropriate access code (see below)
• An announcement will prompt the user to dial the desired time, in 24-hour clock format, followed by *
• An announcement will prompt the user to dial the repeat option code (see below) followed by #
• The options are every Monday (1) to every Sunday (7), every weekday (8) and every day (9)
• An announcement will confirm that the reminder has been set, with the option to cancel at this point if desired.

The default access codes for this service are as follows.
• To enable an individual reminder, Dial *310
• To disable all individual reminders, Dial *311
• To disable one individual reminder, Dial *312
• To check individual reminders, Dial *313
• To enable a regular reminder, Dial *314
• To disable all regular reminders, Dial s *315
• To disable one regular reminder, Dial s *316
• To check regular reminders, Dial *317