Security Best Practices

Don’t be an easy target for individuals looking to access your personal information to use for their own illegal purposes. Viruses and Spyware programs are being created at an alarming rate. To help secure your computer and protect your personal information, CusterTel offers several recommendations. 

  • Choose to use a router provided by CusterTel, which will have a built-in firewall.
  • Create and use a password with your SSID network name
  • Stay current on operating system updates
  • Enable host firewalls with recommended settings
  • Install anti-virus software and use automatic updates
  • Backup all critical data using an external drive
  • Disconnect the drive from your device after files have been transferred
  • Use long passwords that contain numbers, letters, caps and special characters
  • Use a password application to manage multiple, complex passwords
  • Educate all home users on the potential of malicious software through web browsing, email attachments and email hyperlinks.