WebPortal/CommPortal Instructions

CommPortal is a webpage that customers can log onto and check their messages. You can also setup e-mail alerts of voicemails. To logon to CommPortal go to http://portal.custertel.net/ The username will be your phone number and the password will be T3mp0rarY! Once you login you can setup a separate, more secure, password for CommPortal and still use your normal pin when you check messages over the phone.

The “Messages & Calls” tab will show any current messages. The “Deleted” button is where you can go to retrieve deleted messages.

For Wireless customers the “Contacts” tab won’t be of much use. You could import contacts, but because the wireless system is separate from the landline system there isn’t any integration for the imported contacts to have much functionality.

The “Settings” tab is where you can enable or disable certain features of your mailbox.
The “Account” button will allow you to change the name on your account and change your password.

The “Messages” button is where customers can setup the Skip PIN, Fast Login, Auto-Play, and Voicemail playback features. Fast login recognizes when you are calling from your own cell phone and won’t ask you to enter your Phone Number to login. Skip PIN takes that one step further by not prompting you for your PIN when you dial in from your own Cell Phone. Auto-play Voicemail doesn’t make you hit “1” to get your messages it just plays it. If you enable all three features, once you dial into voicemail, you won’t have to do anything else to hear your messages.

You can also use this page to modify your greeting settings. If you have a microphone on your PC you can even record a new greeting.

Customers can also setup to have an e-mail sent to them when they receive a new message. Using the feature on this page you will receive an e-mail with a .wav file attachment of the voice message. You can also choose whether or not to leave another copy of the voicemail in the Inbox of the VM system.

The “Notifications” button allows you to change how the system notifies you of a new message. You can have it send you an e-mail notification by setting it up on the Email page. The difference between this setting and the previous e-mail setting is that this e-mail will not contain the .wav file. It will just be a notification that you got a message.

There is an option “Send phone notification of incoming messages to the following phone numbers” On the MWI page. Customers should NOT change this setting. It will disable the network’s ability to notify you of a message.