Conferencing Service

The Conferencing service provides “meet-me” conferencing services, allowing customers to set up conference calls on demand and invite other users to join them. Up to 30 people can be on the Conference Bridge at one time.

Both the customer who sets up the conference (known as a moderator) and other users (participants) join the conference simply by dialing a telephone number (208-879-9555 local call for Challis or 208-742-1996 which is local call for Salmon Customers) and entering either the Moderator Code or Participant code to join the conference.

The conference moderator can manage the conference using a Web-based interface which allows the Moderator to:

• identify the participants in the conference

• mute or unmute participants to control whether they can contribute to the conference, or control the volume level of individual participants.

• record all or part of the conference for later playback or download.

• lock the conference so that no further participants can join it.

Conference moderators can use the Web interface to request a new participant code at any time, to protect confidentiality by preventing unwanted participants from joining conferences using a participant code that they are no longer entitled to.

Instructions to our Web Based Interface