Customer Originated Trace

Customer Originated Trace allows a Subscriber to initiate a trace on the last incoming call by dialing the activation code. If the trace is successful, the Company’s switch will automatically produce an internal trace report, which identifies the telephone number from which the call to the Subscriber was made, along with the time the call was made.

No information regarding the content of the call is collected. The Subscriber who initiated the trace may then contact the local law enforcement agency to ask that an investigation into the call be commenced. Any law enforcement agency request for the information, or any other call-related information, would need to be accompanied by lawful authorization and comply with the procedures set forth in Company’s CALEA Compliance Manual.

After a Subscriber receives a call that they want traced, hang up, then pick up the hand set, wait for dial tone and then dial *57.

The Subscriber will hear a recording. “Customer Originated Trace. To trace the last call received dial one. Otherwise hang up”.

You then dial one, and you will hear a recording that says, “The last incoming call has been traced. The procedure for following up on this trace is to call the Sheriff’s office”.