Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Acceptance allows a Subscriber to specify a list of numbers from which they are willing to accept calls. Calls from numbers not contained on the list are routed to an appropriate announcement. The access code for this feature is (*84) and is used to add or delete numbers from the list of acceptable calls. Outgoing calls can still be made as normal.

To configure the service through the handset, the subscriber dials an access code, (*84) which takes them into the Screen List Editing menu system. Note that if you enable Selective Call Acceptance this way, you will also enable Do Not Disturb, because Selective Call Acceptance depends on Do Not Disturb to work.

The standard access codes for this service are as follows.

To access Selective Call Acceptance, press *84. Also, enabling and disabling Do Not Disturb will enable and disable Selective Call Acceptance.

To turn the service on or off dial 3.
Dial # to add a new entry (number) to the service.
Dial * to remove a entry (number) from the service.
Dial 1 to hear the entry’s (numbers) that are on your list.