Voice Mail – Conditions


1. Voice mail is offered to residence and business Subscribers as a service that can automatically answer a telephone line after a certain number of rings or when the called party’s line is in use.

2. Credit for service interruption will be provided if service is interrupted for a period exceeding twenty-four (24) hours. The credit shall be the monthly amount for service divided by thirty (30) days times the number of days that service is continually interrupted.

3. The Company is not responsible for lost or dropped messages. Periodically, the Company will update the software supporting voice mail service. During this period, voice mail will not be operational. This period will not exceed twenty-four (24) hours; therefore, credit for service not received will not be allowed for regular software upgrades.

4. Voice mail can be programmed to answer a Subscriber’s telephone line after a set number of rings.

5. A Subscriber has access to a voice mail box by dialing a seven (7) or ten (10) digit access number followed by a personal identification code. At this point, the Subscriber can then retrieve messages and either save or erase them. The Subscriber can also program a personal greeting that will play when voice mail answers a telephone line.

6. The standard mail box features include forwarding to the mail box on no answer, forwarding to the mail box on busy line, a new message indication (stutter dial tone) and visual indication if Customer Premise Equipment is compatible.

7. Subscribers using Call Waiting may not choose to have calls forwarded to voice mail on a busy signal. These Subscribers will be interrupted with a Call Waiting tone burst for as many rings as the Subscriber selects for no answer forwarding. If the Subscriber does not answer the call waiting tone, the second caller will be forwarded to voice mail.

8. From time to time, the Company may offer special promotions to its Customers. These offerings will generally consist of a reduced price, a waiver of installation charges or a free service with a purchase of another service. These offerings may be limited to certain dates and locations and will be for limited time periods.