Snowcat Days

Team building & memorable work experiences sometimes happen unexpectedly.  On two separate days, front office employees had the opportunity to accompany the outside plant team to experience a trip to service our cell towers.  Overlooking our Round Valley are two of those towers, one atop Willow Creek summit and the other on Grouse Peak.  The transportation was our Pisten Bully snowcat that took us slowly but surely through several feet of snow to the tops of those mountains. We not only got pictures of some beautiful views, but also had the chance to see our teammates in action.  Changing out equipment took longer than expected, but with perseverance and collaboration the crew successfully completed the job.  It was interesting and exciting to observe our outside techs at work, maintaining these towers that provide cellular service to so many wireless subscribers. 

Great job to the crew and thanks for taking us along for the ride!

All set
Here we go
Almost there
Willow Creek tower
Grouse Peak tower
Willow Creek NW view
Grouse Peak SE view